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We are sending warm

wishes for all our families,

friends, and community

partners. Here are some

sweet and simple parenting

skills suggestions to focus on in 2024:

HAVE FUN! Enjoy the little moments when you can.

Be silly every once and awhile to brighten both your

kiddo’s and your own spirit. Parenting is hard work,

but the challenging moments (just as the magic ones) aren’t permanent.

DONT SWEAT THE LITTLE THINGS. Letting a few minor issues slide, and not holding onto expectations so tightly can make a huge difference in your day to day functioning.

MODEL POSITIVE COMMUNICATION. Honour your own feelings as well as your kiddos. Let them see you speak about your emotions- especially ones that are challenging for you. Model navigating tough moments, setting boundaries and active listening- talk about what they look and feel like. This will project positive communication kills for your kids.

STAY HEALTHY. Don’t let the grey wet days get in the way of fresh air, family adventures, and regular fitness (in whatever ways work for your family). Encourage better sleep, cozy homemade meals that you make together, and healthy hobbies to get you and your fam through the dark days.