Our Parent Coaching Program is open to answer your parenting questions in a one-to-one session.

Email us at: info@informationchildren.com

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What is the Parent Coaching Program?

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, all of our programming is currently done on the phone or online via Zoom.

Information Children’s Parent Coaching program involves phone or virtual coaching sessions with parents and caregivers of children aged birth to 12 years. Coaching sessions typically consist of a question and answer period of about 30 minutes. Issues pertaining to parenting, child development, family life concerns, etc. are discussed. We endorse a respectful, common sense and practical approach to parenting. Parent Coaching is available on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays. To book a Parent Coaching session with one of our experienced Parent Educators, please contact us at info@informationchildren.com.

What issues might bring parents to a coaching session?

Below are examples of reasons that parents may request one-to-one support:

  • child development
  • infant sleep
  • bedtime battles
  • nightmares
  • night terrors
  • tantrums
  • toilet/potty training
  • picky eating
  • biting
  • sharing
  • separation anxiety
  • generalized anxiety
  • childhood fear
  • bullying
  • school difficulties
  • learning disabilities
  • friendship problems
  • special needs
  • post partum adjustment
  • new baby issues
  • sibling rivalry
  • parent anger and emotions
  • coping with separation and divorce
  • feeling alone and frustrated
  • conflicting parenting styles
  • community resources, and
  • many, many more.

Who is eligible and what is the cost?

This service is currently available to parents and caregivers of children birth to 12 years. It is provided at no charge to parents. However, donations are greatly appreciated and funds are directed towards program expansion. Donation receipts are issued on request.

Is a referral required?

No, this service is by self-referral and completely voluntary.

Do children participate?

No, usually it is just parents or caregivers who participate although children are welcome, especially if there is no other adult available to care for them.

Where is the Parent Coaching session offered?

It is usually provided at locations that offer early childhood programs and family support services. Such locations include community schools, StrongStart Early Learning Centres, public libraries, and not-for-profit day cares and preschools.

Who coordinates coaching sessions?

In partnership with Information Children, coaching sessions are usually coordinated by host early childhood and/or family support agencies and are conducted on their premises. To inquire about hosting a parent coaching session at your centre or agency, please contact us by filling out a contact form here or call us at 778.782.3548.

What is the role of the host agency?

In addition to hosting a parent coaching session on its premises, the host agency typically advertises and promotes the session to its parent clientele, registers participants and monitors sign-up. Closer to the date of the session, agency representatives usually remind parents of their coaching appointments and/or give parents a reminder telephone call.

We provide agencies with information sheets, advertising posters and sign-up sheets. We require a quiet place to meet with parents, preferably in a private room or office. However, we are flexible and understand that meeting spaces often are difficult to provide so cloak rooms, hallways, classroom corners, etc. are workable alternatives.