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Anderson, June

Anderson, Rob

Bergeron, Alain and Val

Bittroff, Kathy and Paul

Bodor, Betsy

Brennan, Jennine

Brooks, Bill and Elli

Brown, Joyce and Brent

Campbell, Pat

Chandler, Cindy

Chu, Hanseng

Chu, Kailin

Chu, Karilin

Cunliff, Brent

Dahan, Nicole

Epstein, Eddie

Fielding, Len

Flipse, Rob and Brigid

Fritz, Bob

Galbraith, Nick

Garaway, Larry

Gilker, Gerri

Gillingham, Rachel

Gumprich, Fred

Harris, Daphene

Harry Allen

Hogue, Marian

Holmes, Tom

Hope, Barb and Graham

Huetll, Kathy A

Johnstone’s Benefits

Keopke, Jean and Bob

Lim, Ben

Lougheed, Lynda

Mahy, Dave

Malette, Bud

Marini, Pat

Mau, Paulus

Mototharu, Ueyama

Newman, Valerie and Earl

Olsen, Germaine

Perkins, Sean

Power, Joy

Ross, Bill and Marian

Sawatsky, Tracy

Sheere, Ingrid

Smith, Darlene

Sutton, Nicole

Swift Thoroughbreds

Tan, Jennifer

Tasaka, Tom

Van Dyke, Alan

Van Dyke, Diane and Jack

Veitch, Jim

Weishaupt, Leonora

Whyte, Sandy

Wolfe, Joan

Mau, Paulus

In-Kind Goods and Services

Boston Pizza

Brussel Chocolates – Ingrid Sheere

Courtesy Cleaners

Cunliff, Brent

Dahan Paintings – Nicole Dahan

Earls Restaurants

Flipse, Brigid

Gliss Salon

Goolman Holdings

Granville Island Hotel

Green Shield

Gumprich, Fred

Holiday Inn, Seattle

House of Chippendale

Koepke, Jean and Bob


Latham’s Plumbing – Rob Flipse

Monk McQueens

Pacific Blue Cross

Pacific Rim Construction

Rodney’s Restaurant

Ross, Bill and Marian

Sheere, Darelene


Smith, Darlene

Stephano’s Restaurant

Veith, Jim

Weishaupt, Leonora

Yaletown Brewing