Potty Training

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Most children cannot learn to go to the toilet independently before the age of 24 months. It is important to wait until the child is physically and intellectually developed before tackling on the process of toilet training. How do you know your child is ready? He or she should show most if not all of these signs:

–          has established some regularity in bowel movements

–          a sense of awareness that he/she is about “to go”

–          can sit and walk independently

–          is able to pull pants up and down without any help

–          expresses discomfort when wearing wet or dirty diapers

–          able to communicate verbally and understand words related to the process

–          demonstrates imitative behaviors

Praise your child when he or she is able to go successfully, but when they don’t, focus on encouraging them for their efforts. Children find it harder “to go” when they feel pressured or scared. When accidents happen, remain calm and see if they are still able to continue once they’ve been brought to the potty or toilet, often they can.

For more tips and hints on the toilet training, visit Information Children’s Educational resources or call us.