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Parents often ask how they can encourage their children to read.  One suggestion for parents of young preschool age children is to make read aloud sessions fun.

Use sound affects!  Young children love to hear sound effects and to make sound effects, so add them wherever you can when you read aloud.

Be animated when you read!  If you are engaged in what you are reading your children are more likely to be engaged as well.

Give your children a choice in what you read. They may choose the same stories over and over again and that’s OK!  Go with their choice.  Repetition is a good thing when it comes to reading.

Take them to your local library.  Spend time at the library and let them choose books to look at and to take out.  If your local library has a story-time for young children participate with your children.

If you have a Tablet or e-reader download books for your children that can be read if you are stuck in a waiting room, the car or shopping.

Be creative!!