• New Parents Group: Birth-4 Years

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    Life in the first weeks, months, and years of a new child can be full of joy, fears, excitement, and sadness with the ever-changing development in early childhood.

    Join us in this interactive 6-week series as we explore how we can adapt to this exciting time and expand our understanding of the unique challenges that our little ones face.

    Topics include
    *Creating healthy attachment bonds
    *Understanding temperament
    *Learning about brain development and play
    *Building emotional regulation
    *Setting limits
    *Developing healthy sleep and food skills

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  • Sleep & Bedtimes Worskhop

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    Navigating sleep in the first months after baby has arrived, and into the early years of childhood can be a challenge for caregivers. Questions surrounding what is “normal” sleep for kids, why does my baby keep waking up at night, how do I avoid the bedtime protests, is enough to keep caregivers up at night.

    In this workshop geared towards caregivers of children 0-5 years of age, we will build understanding around typical sleep patterns, challenges in infancy, bedtime struggles in early childhood, and strategies to encourage better sleep for little ones.

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