• Family Mealtimes

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    Making sure our children are fed and healthy
    can be challenging! Read on to check out some
    helpful tips and strategies to make mealtimes
    easier for the family…

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  • Connecting Before Correcting

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    “You cannot teach the mind
    before you have the heart.
    Connect before you direct.”
    – Dr. Gordon Neufeld.

    Read on to explore some connection strategies…

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  • Parent Coaching with Sally or Rahani

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    We would love to connect with you and support you through your parenting journey! Book a free parent coaching session with one of our Parent Coach-Educators, Sally or Rahani. Click on the link in the poster to access our scheduling page where you can find a time that suits you. You can choose to connect with us over Zoom or via a phone call. 

    You can also book a session by giving us a call: 778.782.3548 or email: info@informationchildren.com 

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  • Maximising Your Mealtime Connections

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    Mealtimes can be tricky to navigate, especially
    for families with toddlers and young children.
    Toddlers are at that stage where they are certainly
    letting their opinions known, and keeping the
    experience positive for everyone is not always easy.
    Here are some strategies your family can try:

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