• Consent and Boundaries Workshop

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    As parents and guardians, we can worry about keeping our children safe – whether that’s from scrapes and bruises or hurt feelings. But what about protection from unsafe relationships and abuse? Body safety education can play a role in empowering children with preventative skills. We can teach our little ones to seek help or self-advocate if they feel unsafe or experience abuse.

    In this foundational workshop, we will learn how to begin or continue practicing healthy boundaries, consent, and body safety. We will cover how adults can model safe relationships, pass along healthy body messages, and teach bodily autonomy. In this way, parents and guardians can create a home environment where there is an understanding of consent and a respect for the boundaries of self and others.

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  • Ahoy Long Weekend!

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    We will be closed on Monday May 23
    for Victoria Day.

    You can still call our helpline (778.782.3548)
    and leave us a voicemail, or send us an email
    and we will get back in touch with you on
    Tuesday May 24th.

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  • Tuning into Temperament

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    Workshop: Tuning into Temperament: Monday May 30th @ 10am

    Every child has their own unique temperament. Learning how to tune into our child’s personality helps us to work with their specific traits and strengths, rather than in opposition to them. How do we support our “spirited and active” children with organizing their feelings? How do we create a sense of safety for our “cautious” little ones in new situations? Join us as we learn how our personality interplays with that of our child’s, and explore strategies in supporting their unique way of being.

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  • Connecting Before Correcting

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    “You cannot teach the mind
    before you have the heart.
    Connect before you direct.”
    – Dr. Gordon Neufeld.

    Read on to explore some connection strategies…

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  • Mother’s Day Blessing

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    Happy Mother’s Day

    Mother’s Day Blessing: ⁠
    May those with children feel appreciated⁠
    May those grieving empty arms be comforted⁠
    May those mourning and missing the ones
    who gave them life⁠
    Be wrapped in goodness and love today⁠
    – Tamara Rice⁠

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  • Online Storytime May

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    Join us online for our Online Storytime with songs, stories, felt stories, puppets and easy art activities. Every Tuesday and Thursday from 5:30-6pm

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  • New Parents Group: Birth-4 Years

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    Life in the first weeks, months, and years of a new child can be full of joy, fears, excitement, and sadness with the ever-changing development in early childhood.

    Join us in this interactive 6-week series as we explore how we can adapt to this exciting time and expand our understanding of the unique challenges that our little ones face.

    Topics include
    *Creating healthy attachment bonds
    *Understanding temperament
    *Learning about brain development and play
    *Building emotional regulation
    *Setting limits
    *Developing healthy sleep and food skills

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  • Circle of Security Parenting

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    The Circle of Security Parenting™ program is based on decades of research about how parent-child relationships can be supported & strengthened.

    In this 8-week series, we will explore how to
    understand your child’s emotional needs
    help them manage their emotions
    strengthen their self esteem
    honour your innate wisdom & desire for your child to be secure

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  • Sleep & Bedtimes Worskhop

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    Navigating sleep in the first months after baby has arrived, and into the early years of childhood can be a challenge for caregivers. Questions surrounding what is “normal” sleep for kids, why does my baby keep waking up at night, how do I avoid the bedtime protests, is enough to keep caregivers up at night.

    In this workshop geared towards caregivers of children 0-5 years of age, we will build understanding around typical sleep patterns, challenges in infancy, bedtime struggles in early childhood, and strategies to encourage better sleep for little ones.

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  • Online Storytime April

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    Join us every Tuesday and Thursday @ 5:30-6pm. Keep your kiddos engaged while you prepare dinner! 

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