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New Parents Group

Zooming in , Canada

Join us in this interactive online 6 week series as we look what it means to be new parents, how we can adapt to this exciting time, and expand our understanding of the unique challenges that our little ones face.


Online Storytime February

Zoom - at home BC, Canada

Join us on Zoom every Tuesday and Thursday for a 30-minute Storytime filled with songs, puppets, felt-stories &
easy art activities!

Discipline, Punishment, Rewards & Praise

Zooming in , Canada

Join us as we build understanding
around children’s behaviours, and
explore alternative strategies to
consequences and rewards that
focus on lasting change.

Tantrums & Meltdowns

Zooming in , Canada

Join us as we explore how to provide connection
and support for our little ones through their big
feelings, keep them safe and set limits without harsh
words, and avoid power struggles that cause conflict.

Online Storytime March

Join us every Tuesday and Thursday in March
at 5:30pm for a 30 min storytime filled with songs,
felt stories, puppets and easy art activities!

Stress, Worry & Fear

Zooming in , Canada

How do we help our children feel safe, support their emotional
well-being, and help them develop resilience in the face of
challenges? Join us as we explore what stress can look like
in young children, understand how we can help our children
feel safe to feel their feelings, and try some practical strategies
we can incorporate into our daily lives.

Tuning into Temperament (2-part workshop)

Zooming in , Canada

Join us for this informative 2-part workshop series as we learn how our personality interplays with that of our child's, and explore strategies in supporting their unique way of being. This workshop series will cover: The 9 different temperament traits, The importance of attunement, Focussing on our child's strengths, and Matching our parenting to our child's temperament.

Parenting Toddlers and Preschoolers

Zoom - at home BC, Canada

With the burst of development in the early years,
making sense of the flux of kids’ emotions and
behaviours can be difficult for a grown up. Join
us as we explore the ins and outs of parenting
toddlers and preschoolers. This group will cover
attachment and parenting styles, understanding
and managing behaviours, supporting social skill
development, and play.

Parenting Tweens

Zooming in , Canada

Many changes take place in the middle years. Our little children are not quite so little anymore, and although their focus often shifts to peer relationships and life at school, they still need our support. In this session we will explore what it means to be a tween, understand the significance of this developmental stage, and discuss what we can do to strengthen our relationship with our growing children.

Navigating Bedtime in the Early Years

Zooming in , Canada

Navigating sleep in the first months after baby has arrived, and into the early years of
childhood can be a challenge for caregivers. Join this online workshop to answer your
questions surrounding what is “normal” sleep for kids, why your baby keeps waking up at
night, and how to avoid the bedtime protests.

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