• Parenting in the Middle Years (6-12 years)

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    This is a supportive and educational series for parents of children ages 6 to 12 years. Understanding middle childhood development, encouraging social-emotional competency, responding to school and family life challenges, fostering positive peer relationships, communicating effectively, understanding temperament, and strategies for effective, positive discipline in the middle years will be covered. Parenting styles and coping […]

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  • Babies and Sleep – FAQ Presentation

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    The Baby’s and Sleep presentation is most relevant to parents of babies’ age birth to 1 year who are struggling with their baby’s sleep, or want to learn more about helping their baby develop good sleep habits, now or in the future. Frequently asked questions or challenges like the following are addressed: Why does my […]

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  • Other Presentations  Available 

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    Let us know what topics you are interested in as we enjoy working with you to design workshops to meet the needs of your families and community. Some of our Single Workshops include: Understanding Temperment Temper Tantrums – Anchoring the Storm Transitioning From One Child to Two. Technology and Your Child. Separation Anxiety Social and Emotional […]

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  • Understanding Temperament

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    Anyone with more than one child can
    tell you that children can be very different,
    even given the same home environment
    and same parents….

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  • Mirror, Mirror…

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    Your children may not be listening to you
    but research suggests they may be
    mirroring you.

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  • Rethinking ‘At-Home’ Dads

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    There has been a noted shift, particularly in the
    past five years, with respect to gender norms
    surrounding work and care and fathers wanting
    to be more involved. In 12 per cent of Canada’s
    two-parent families in 2011, it was the men who
    stayed home while their wives were […]

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  • Research on Sharing

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    Although preschoolers can appreciate
    sharing as a social norm, they don’t
    really embrace the principle until they’re
    at least 7, according to the study,
    published in the journal PLOS One.

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  • The Myth of the Only Child

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    As couples are starting families later
    in life and they are facing increasing
    economic pressures, more and more
    parents are wondering whether or not
    they will have that second child.

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  • Parenting is Collaboration

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    Parenting is a so much about teamwork,
    and more often than not, partners parent
    differently. When parental differences can
    be aligned, this collaboration provides
    opportunities for sharing, creativity, and
    understanding one another better.

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  • UBC study – Fathers and Chores

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    A very recent study out of UBC, soon to be published
    in an upcoming issue of the journal Psychological
    Science, reveals data showing that in homes where
    fathers pitched in, daughters held broader career

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