Mealtime Madness

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Sometimes just getting a meal together that’s healthy, delicious and pleases all family members is hard enough without the ensuing warzone that the dining table can become when it comes to having meals with your children.  Here are some peace keeping tactics to make for some friendly feasting with your little ones:

– Try giving choices within food groups: apples or bananas, cheese or yogurt, etc. Letting children have choices will give them some sense of control.

– Try getting children involved whether if it’s setting the table or helping to mash the potatoes. When children take part in the process, they might be more interested and likely to eat the food!

– While you decide the food being served and when, let your children tell you whether he or she wants to eat and how much.

– It may be best to keep foods simple so as to not overwhelm children with complex flavours or textures.

When it comes to incorporating new foods, try introducing them one at a time along with other items that your child already enjoys. If he or she is not keen on the new food, try again another day.  It may take several attempts before your child is even willing to touch a new food never mind tasting or eating  it!  Be patient!

What are some of the ways that you have tried that made your meals with your children fun and memorable?  Share some of your feeding moments with us by sending us a comment.

Written by Evelyn Gunn, Creative Writer and Blogger.